Relief Care vs Corrective Care

There are two basic philosophies of Chiropractic Care:

Relief Care - fix the symptom (generally pain) and come back if the symptoms returns.

Corrective Care - find the underlying cause of the symptom and correct it.  

It is important to remember and understand pain is only a symptom, there is always a cause. Using painkillers for pain relief does nothing but cover up the symptoms and not correct the true underlying cause. Think about driving a car, if the check engine light comes on, and you  just cover it with piece of tape, the symptom goes away and continue to drive. You may be able to drive a little longer, but eventually the car will break down because you did not remove the actual cause of the check engine light being on. Like the check engine light, the pain or symptom you experience is your body telling you something is wrong.

Corrective Care finds the underlying cause of the symptom and corrects it through Chiropractic Adjustments, different modalities such as Graston Technique and at home Therapeutic Exercises. Nutritional Consultations may also be incorporated depending on the individual case.    If you are having neck, back, and/or low back pain and you have not had your spine checked in the last six months, click here to send us a message about scheduling an appointment for a consultation and examination.