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Premier Natural Health sees each patient as an individual. We look for underlying causes of illness, instead of chasing symptoms and find the correction by using Nutrition Response Testing® as well as Chiropractic to handle even the toughest of cases.  

Is Nutrition Response Testing® Painful? 

No, Nutrition Response Testing® is completely non-invasive and does not hurt.

What should I expect during my first visit?

The first visit lasts about ninety minutes - this includes paperwork, health express, practitioner lead consultation and initial Nutrition Response Testing®. The fee for the first visit includes the Report of Findings which occurs on the second visit.

If the doctor determines she can help you, then you will get a positive Report Of Findings and supplement/herbal recommendations on the second visit.

How long will it take to handle my health?

Each individual is different and their case is treated as such, however, at Premier Natural Health, we have three phases of care.

1.     Fine-tuning Phase – During this phase, you will start the initial supplement program and we monitor your diet and make recommendations for essential improvements you will need to make in order to maximize your gains. This phase typically lasts 24-36 weeks.

2.     Healing and Observation Phase – During this 24-week phase, we monitor your active organs and body areas to make sure everything is responding appropriately to the program. Everyone’s healing and observation phase is different – some longer than others – depending on their individual situation.

3.     Maintenance Phase – Maintain your more optimized health by adhering to an ongoing health maintenance program designed to meet your specific needs. We may recommend you retain some of your current program and/or make changes to supplements for long-term benefits. Office visits over the next year and beyond let us protect and continue to improve your health together.

How does the nutrition heal my body?

The Nutritional component consists of the basic diet and supplementation of that diet. By giving the body exactly the right nutrition, we allow the body to heal naturally. Nutritional recommendations vary from person to person. When we figure out what is best for you, you will feel better, your weight will normalize, and you will function better.

Remember, if you have been ill for a long time, give adequate time to recover and achieve health. For example, if you have been ill for twenty years, it may take six months to two years to recover. There is a real difference between what it takes to heal and just covering up symptoms with drugs.

What’s so special about your supplements?

The supplements that we use are whole food concentrates from Standard Process, Inc. They are the best “organ specific groceries” your money can buy. We use different whole herbal extracts from Mediherb in Australia and Systemic Formulas in Utah. They are the best herbs we have found. These supplements are often just as important as the dietary changes. These supplements speed recovery in areas where the basic diet may take a long time to heal or never heal.

Why do I need supplements, can't I just eat better?

Supplements are just that, they supplement the food you are eating to fuel your body. But sometimes your body needs a specific food item that you either don't have access to due to the time of year or your location, or you would need such a large amount that it wouldn't be cost effective to get the nutrition this way. 

What about chiropractic?

The structural component is addressed through chiropractic adjustments. Joints in your skeletal system can impede health when they are stuck or misaligned. An adjustment will restore proper movement, blood flow, and electrical flow to the area and eliminate pain.

Does Chiropractic Hurt?

Quick answer is: it shouldn't Dr. Janelle, DC does a very gentle chiropractic adjustment either manually (by hand) or using an instrument called an Activator to deliver the adjustment. If you have pain during either set-up or the actual adjustment, speak up.

Dr. Janelle, DC gently adjusts newborns up to age 64 years, 11months, and 30 days. Unfortunately at this time Dr. Janelle, DC does not adjust those eligible for medicare or medicaid. However, she would be more than happy to help you find the right Chiropractor for you in our area.

Why would a scar cause me to not heal?

Scars act as a stressor causing your body not to heal.

How does this happen though? Well, your brain only has so much attention to take care of your body. Think of your brain as a parent cooking dinner, think of the scar as a child wanting attention. When the child is screaming or distracting the parent from cooking, the dinner begins to burn, by giving the child something to play with or something quick to snack on, the parent can return their attention to the task at hand, making dinner, or in our example, healing the body. 


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