I am an 80 year old with the mind and body of a 40 year old! I’m able to play tennis, work on my airplane and do martial arts without pain!
— RK - 81

I no longer have trouble getting out of bed!
— Lauren - Age 28

I had palpitations and bad headaches plus stomach problems. I was not feeling good at all. I felt a closed in feeling. I felt faint most of the time. Now, I am feeling so much better, I am more like my old self again.
— H.M.

I had hair loss. The loss has stopped.
— A.B.

I was overweight and had serious heartburn, stomach distress with low energy. My practitioner has completely delt with the heartburn. I have lost weight and feel much better.
— A.K.

I felt just horrible! I was tired, I could not mow a lawn or tend to my garden. I could not work without resting or laying down. Since coming to see my practitioner I feel great! I have stamina!
— J.K.

I used to have such bad anxiety and stress over all of the small things. I’ve been on my program for 6 months. Not only have I lost weight but I no longer have that anxiety.
— B.S.

My eyesight has improved and I’m feeling better than ever!
— P.S.

My periods have now regulated themselves and I’m no longer stuck in bed with debilitating pain during my cycle.
— J.R.