Was it worth it?

Not only do I practice Nutrition Response Testing®, but I am also an  Nutrition Response Testing patient on a program. I am always trying to better myself so I can live a healthier happier life without the use of drugs or medication. I will admit at times my diet is not perfect and to be honest it’s the thing I struggle with the most. Taking supplements, altering the chemicals I use in my daily life, things like that, those are the easy things, but when it comes to willpower after a long day with an empty kitchen or a tray of cookies, that's where I struggle. When you do an Nutrition Response Testing Program, we, as practitioners, always encourage our patients to do it as a team because you have support. I have support in my life from my family and friends who are also on an Nutrition Response Testing program, but sometimes I slip up. I’m human, and that happens, but after, I have to ask myself, "was it worth it?" Was the brownie that I enjoyed for 2 minutes worth the very uncomfortable 20 minutes  heartburn? Sometimes I say yes, celebrating my friends birthday with a slice of birthday cake was worth it, but that cookie that I ate because I had a bad morning, not so much. 

The amazing thing about Nutrition Response Testing is that we have the ability find out exactly what general foods our bodies like and don't like. When we follow the list, better energy and less symptoms. Our bodies can truly heal, and even better in my opinion weight usually melts off without exercise. But when we decide to go crazy over the weekend eating foods we know will only set us back, we are stressing our bodies, and stifling the progress we’ve worked for. I know that for me that once in a great while I need to enjoy that brownie, but truthfully it's not worth it in the long run. Avoiding the sugar and having a body that is running as smoothly as possible with the ability to heal itself is a much better payout.