Why Eat Organic?

Eating organic may seem costly, and rather annoying, but have you ever thought about the benefits of Organic Food? 

My Gran grew up on a completely organic diet. She grew most of her own food and her father was the local butcher. Until the 1990s my Gran made everything from scratch and purchased very little from the grocery stores. Overall she lived a healthy, long life. Her health didn't start to deteriorate until she was in her 90s. She taught my cousins and I how to grow an organic garden, using natural means to control pests and keep the plants fertilized. I have not worked in a garden or grown anything in some time, but I do understand how important organic foods are to fueling my body. 

Organically grown food has not been treated with pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, radiation, growth hormones, or antibiotics. 

Our bodies are machines. They run on food instead of jet fuel, but they do need some type of fuel to run. What you put into your body is a deciding factor as to how well your body will perform. Think of a racecar, it is designed for speed, quick maneuvers and long drives. Would you put just any type of fuel a racecar and expect it to perform at its peek level?  No, you would put the proper type of racecar fuel in it. So why would you put poor quality food in your body? 

Buying organic veggies can be pricy, but shop for what's on sale and in season. Also there are plenty of farms locally you can support. Some of them even deliver to your house. There are great high quality butchers locally in Daytona and Port Orange as well as organic meat delivery services online, just make sure to have freezer space available.